Manuel Opens Their Asses 9





Studio: Jules Jordan Video - Jules Jordan
Approximate Running Time: 02:26:52
Date Added: 2021-12-02
Released: 2021

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Few things in life are more pleasurable than fucking a tight asshole, and these horny hotties are well aware of it! They also know that to keep a man, a woman needs to always give him what he wants... and what Manuel Ferrara wants is more anal sex!

Vanessa Sky seems genuinely proud of her black choker with the word “SLUT” adorned on it. By the end of the scene we realize it’s with good merit. The black-haired beauty is a total submissive throughout the bout with Manuel Ferrara. She comes down a stairway where Ferrara awaits, camera in hand. He immediately commands her to present her ample backside for a round of POV spank. Sky says “I want you treat me like a little fucking whore”. No problem for Ferrara as he has the big brown-eyed darling feast on his meat. During the cock sucks Vanessa fits in “Daddy’s little fucking whore” on repeat. They position into cowgirl then Manuel lays the groundwork for an anal marathon by fingering her asshole. Still in sidemount, Ferrara pushes his dick into a constantly vocalizing Sky. Next she props herself against the couch, upside down with her ass pointing upwards. Her butthole is plunged by Ferrara then he pulls out. The prodigious floozy produces a colossal gape. Sky’s weighty cheeks hang over the edge of the sofa in missionary-anal. Ferrara crams fingers into her twat. Vanessa repeatedly sounds off with “I want all my holes stuffed...I want all my holes stuffed...”. The sexy tramp crawls to a stool. Manuel pummels her butt as she sits and exclaims “I love how you fucking use me, Fuck!”. An eye pleasing reverse-cow fold fuck ensues then Ferrara stands Sky up and continues to romp from behind. The anal queen energetically drops to her knees on command and Manuel jettisons streams of randy resin directly into her mouth.

Lily Lou and Manuel Ferrara put on a hardcore submissive masterclass in this scene from After viewing the somewhat brief tease sequence we soon realize the motivation. Charming Miss Lou has a lot of love to give and there’s no time to waste… Standing at the top of the stairs Lily presses her backside against the glass. We can see all the glute-gelatin she has to work with. It’s a ton, especially for being such a tiny firecracker. Manuel gives some commands and Lou follows. He says “I say stay, you stay?” Lou responds “of coarse”. The long haired brunette smiles and opens her pretty mouth wide. She feeds on Manuel’s spit that he’s depositing out of the camera’s view. Next Ferrara fingers her pretty twat. She immediately squirts and proceeds to lick up her liquid refreshment. By the third squirt session Manuel has the ass-vamp feed on it from his dripping hand. A missionary session with Lou’s fluttering cheeks evols to anal. The deep ream moves to cowgirl and Lily’s squirt spigot is turned on a fourth time...The energetic yet methodical performance continues as Manuel churns her asshole in doggie. Lily’s mammoth cheeks combined with the drill is a powerhouse visual. The session is finished off with a massive gape. After one more missionary session with requested gape, Lily sucks off a sitting Ferrara. He unfurls streams of glamour glue to the awaiting Lily Lou’s mug. Fade out ensues as Manuel says “What a good girl.”

Green-eyed blonde Hyley Winters opens her ass in this scene from Manuel Ferrara is on board to help with the anal reckoning. Winters has a charismatic smile but also a foul-mouthed witchery with matching tongue wag. Ferrara warms up Winters by planting his thumb into Hyley’s butthole. She appreciates the gesture and drops to her knees to suck Ferrara’s beef stick. Winters breaks out a hefty dildo and teases it with her pussy. She makes her way up the stairs to a bed. Once on deck she stuffs the black plug handle deep into her ass den. Manuel’s dick is ready to hibernate in said den and Hyley hops on his rod-bear in reverse cowgirl. “Yes, fucking slam that cock into me, make me cum daddy” is brought out of Winters...The long and lean damsel is placed in doggy. More verbal impurity ensues to match the drilling. “Fuck this little whore’s little asshole” with her now trademark tongue waggle. Hyley is commanded to brace herself on the wall mirror. Manuel fucks Hyley while she stands, courageously receiving the dick buffet. Winters has taken her toll on Ferrara. She slips to her knees and Manuel “cum controls” into the awaiting Hyley’s mouth.

Jesse Pony displays her loving limberness to the always sex-starved Manuel Ferrara in this scene from Pony and her muffin-top ass appear joyfully at the head of the stairs. She quickly clues the viewer in to her bendable backside. Standing in her heels split legged and stretched over. Manuel enjoys the view so much that he hastily scales the steps so he can get a handful of Jesse’s glutes. Pony is a green-eyed beauty with a unique smile taken right from the joker. She pops her hefty natural tits out, owners of dime-sized areolas with bullet nipples. Next she sits down with some pussy peek-a-boo. She splits her legs and props them on the adjacent walls. Then Jesse prances to the sofa where she performs the splits. Ferrara asks that she continue to bounce as he gets his mandatory POV of the event. Ferrara goes for some missionary action while Pony says “Stretch me out” and “Stick your cock in me”. Things quickly move to anal. A perusable moment as Pony is on her side. Her round cheeks surround Manuel’s meat. Jesse’s amazing flexibility allows her to easily contort. She’s very fleshy so it is a treat to watch. On top of her plasticity she goes geyser when Manuel fingers her twat. She seems a bit surprised during the outburst. After going into the splits during anal Jesse has provided more than an adequate show. She finishes the display by enthusiastically taking Ferrara’s load in a hopping bunny pose. Swallowing and then wearing a good portion on her tits, shining up those dimes.

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Cast & Stars: Manuel Opens Their Asses 9

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