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Scarlit Scandal tests her body to see if she can handle Chris Diamond’s massive cock. Scarlit is wearing a skimpy baby blue bra with only sheer fabric covering her perky tits and a matching g-string. She stands on the balcony in the sun while teasing you as she slips down her bra and moves her curves to the music. Scarlit spins around to show off her ass in all its glory before heading inside to get more comfortable on the bed. She pulls her panties to the side to give you your first view of her delicious pussy as she spreads her pussy-lips to show off her pink. Scarlit gazes at herself in the mirror until she notices that Chris is I the doorway with his cock already out. They make out while Scarlit strokes his giant shaft then she turns around so she can grind her tight ass against it. Chris shoves his face between butt cheeks and tastes her sweet juices before standing up and squeezing his monstrous dong into her tight snatch. Scarlit bends her body in half to take that dick as deep as she can then gets on the ground so she can properly clean off Chris’ balls. He holds her hands above her head while Scarlit gags and slobbers all over his thick dick then Chris grabs her head and fucks her face hard. Still in the doorway, Chris picks Scarlit up and hammers her while standing then heads over to the bed to continue the pounding in missionary. Scarlit’s pussy oozes with cum as you watch it drip over her asshole while her pussy is stretched by Chris’ cock. Scarlit hangs her head off the end of the bed so she can slob on his knob then she gets into doggie with one leg raised to feed her hungry hole more dick. Chris lets Scarlit take control as she backs her ass up on to grind, twerk and dance on his dick. They move over to a chair where Scarlit gets on top in reverse cowgirl and spreads her legs wide to accommodate Chris’ bulging boner. Chris flips Scarlit into standing 69 which is quite impressive before putting her down and shooting his cum ass over her face & chest.

Vina Sky seriously shuffles shaft in this two on one from Jules Jordan. Beautiful Sky is sporting militaristic garb adorned with copper chains. Vina skillfully teases the camera then finds herself attached to a big bay window while blindfolded. Lucky scoundrels Jules Jordan and Steve Holmes appear. They immediately begin kissing and stroking Sky, enough to get her to claim “I can’t wait for both cocks in my mouth”. Vina has major sex appeal but also gets quite nasty for such a diminutive soul. She showcases major bj skills, constantly constructing complex strings of slobber that she’s able to control while juggling cocks. Eye poppers ensue in a concrete doorway, Vina bare-assed, taking in Holmes’ cock while sucking off Jordan. Flexibility is no problem for the starlet-harlot as Jules holds a leg straight up while penetrating her tiny pussy. The sex-fiends have Sky crawl to the bed, she dutifully obliges. The view from the rear enough to cause pause...Once on the bed, Sky’s splendid greyhound-like frame explodes while taking cock from the rear and mouth. Next Vina has the temerity to take both dicks into her snatch, another peeper pleaser along with very up pitched wails...The tiny temptress amazes again in doggy, consuming both tallywackers in that twat, only to impress further by easily coaxing the cum from both vermin. Never wavering in the consumption and wearing of said cum...

Online model Moriah Mills brings her banging body to Jules’ house so Markus can fuck her hard. Moriah shows off her curvaceous body in a leopard print bikini and heels as she oils up her body and soaks up the sun. She makes her way over to the outdoor sofa where she teases some more before pulling her top down and exposing her massive mammaries. Moriah plays with her tits and licks her nipples then pulls her panties to the side giving us an amazing vies of her tight wet pussy. She rubs her clit then gets the spray bottle out again to oil up her body some more as she twerks that bulbous booty until Markus arrives. When he finally shows up, Markus can’t keep his hands off of those giant jugs as he licks and sucks her nipples before making her stand up so he can grab a handful of Moriah’s perfect ass. He lays down so she can smother his face with her ass then flips around so he can get a better angle to taste he delicious pussy. Moriah gets on her knees and unbuckles Markus’ pants then takes his massive cock down her horny little throat. She sucks that cock with conviction until Markus bends her over the couch and starts pounding her from behind. Moriah wants to take control so she hops on top of Markus and grinds her pussy on that hard dick. She takes a quick break so she can suck that dick some more and give Markus a rim job and a titty-fucking before backing her ass up on that cock again, but this time in reverse cowgirl. Markus pounds that pussy until Moriah squirts all over his cock then he plasters her face with all his cum!

One good way to make your vacation a success is to bump into stellar Kira Perez on Miami Beach! The sexy girl with the sweeping hind-quarters is walking down the bunny trail to wash off her sandy tootsies. Jules notices her lanyard has his logo, so he asks what’s up with the free advert. Kira reveals she obtained it at AVN and she knows all about Jules Jordan Video. Perez has a lively personality to match her buttery frame. She shows off her amazing flexibility by raising a single leg and planting it on a post at eye level! This showcases her round ass-cutlets and juicy twat covered by a glittering bikini. Kira shows her exhibitionist tendencies with a little game of nipple gander. Slyly, she leaves some of it on display when placing her top back on. After a quick aerial showcasing the beach, we get back to Jules’ hotel with an outside deck that overlooks the ocean. Miss Perez dazzles with all that blue water behind her. She removes her bikini at Jordan’s request revealing a perky set, with one pierced nipple. The couple enter the room as Jules has Perez crawl with her amazing ass dipping up and down. Kira has major skills in the dick suck department. Continuously weaving long webs of slobber when she comes up for air. Jules puts Kira in missionary and he folds one of her legs all the way back to her ear. Her nethers still brimming with curves. In cowgirl, the seductress’s twat flickers in rapid succession as Jordan says “Dance on that dick”. Reverse cowgirl is a strength of Kira’s as her strong legs are able to continue a long bounce session. Doggy comes round and Perez hits some upper notes. Jordan says “perfect pussy filled up!” with a bunch of timely spanks that redden Kira’s money maker. Jules takes both of Kira's legs and brings them up to the side of her head. She grabs hold and Jordan pounds on her ass mound. Perez plunges to the floor then Jules drapes large gobs of “Just for Kira cum” all over her very pretty face...

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