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Thank you for choosing PARADISE VISION videos! Paradise Vision produces ALL AMATEUR Videos…real girls, real settings, quality material made by people who KNOW what you want to see. We cover just about every category of foot fetishism, from bare feet to stockings, from foot jobs to domination, even... [Read More]

Top Categories: Fetish -> Amateur      Fetish -> Bdsm -> Bondage -> Lite      Fetish -> Tickling      Fetish -> Tickling -> F On F      Fetish -> Feet & Shoes -> Bare Feet      

Random Studio: Tom And Gerri's Home Movies

"Tom" and I met at a famous resort. I had celebrated my birthday the night before and at 10 am was seeking someplace out of the sun to recover. Lying on a lounge chair under a canopy, I was sooooo sick I thought I'd die!!!!! I vowed to quit drinking then and there! It wasn't long before I heard someone... [Read More]

Top Categories: Interracial -> Caucasian Girls      Group Sex -> Gangbang - M On F      Settings -> Locale      Appearance -> Blondes      Age -> Older Women -> 50+